The Older I Get…

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My husband is an extraordinary man. He went back to college and earned his college degree while in his 40’s. This was while working a very demanding career and having a newborn at home.

He had gotten sick with mono while in college + lost his football scholarship + so he did what he could do at the time and entered the workforce…leaving the last 6 months of his senior year on the table.

Every now and then he would talk about how he really wanted to finish that goal…he wanted to be able to cross “college degree” off his list of accomplishments. Finally one day, he looked at me and said, “I applied and I got in. I’m done talking about it…I’m going to do it.”  

I realize 2 things the older I get:
– Time doesn’t slow down
– The circumstances of our lives do not control us.  Our decisions do.

“What do you mean by that Marion?” Well….I just mean that we have SOOOOO much more control over our lives than we often realize:
– The people we spend time with
– The city, state, country we live in
– The job we do every day
– The person we are dating or choose to marry
– The food we put into our mouths each day
– The clothes we wear
– The body we choose to live this life in

never too old

I know that everyone has various circumstances that apply to each of these that either complicate or simplify things. But the bottom line – as human beings we were born with this amazing gift of choice.

So next time you lay in bed and start dreaming about your goals in life, I just encourage you to take one small step of action toward that goal the very next day. DECIDE that it’s time to stop “dreaming” and start “doing.”

You may not feel as though you have control…but the minute you take one small step toward ACTION, is the minute you will realize just HOW MUCH CONTROL you truly had all this time. :)

xo – Marion


  1. Bryn

    Thank you for this post! Definitely a reminder I need right now as I’m not happy in the city I live or job I work. Here’s to doing more and dreaming less this week!

    June 14, 2015 | Reply
  2. Jess

    I liked this post, Marion. You guys seem so good for each other…encouraging and supporting each other through goals and dreams (your husband’s education and your work/fitness goals). Keep it up, guys and congrats to you both. It’s really inspiring and fun to read about! :)

    June 16, 2015 | Reply

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