What can I say?  Shakeology is a TOTAL GAME CHANGER in every way for myself and the women in my challenge groups.  

Some quick information:

  • Shakeology is filled with 70 Superfoods, no FILLERS, no CHEMICALS (boosts that immune system!)
  • Shakeology contains pro-biotics to keep your gut healthy and regular which detoxifies your system
  • The food we eat today is not the same as the food our ancestors ate, the soil is lacking in nutrients and often produce is picked prior to maturity which leads to a decreased vitamin and nutrient content
  • Shakeology prevents that yucky “run-down” feeling because it is not just a “protein shake” or “meal replacement shake”, it is your daily dose of dense nutrition with health benefits and muscle building ingredients
  • And one of my favorite reasons I love Shakeology??? It is so easy to mix up a shake in under 1 minute and KNOW I am fueling my body with healthy nutrition. Can’t beat that!

It’s essentially a weight loss tool + meal replacement option that increases energy while decreasing cravings.  All this while given you an incredible dose of nutrition.  And did I mention it tastes like a freaking milk shake dessert?! #winner

I am rather ADHD and can sometimes forget to eat well.  In the past, I would just down coffee to get me through.  Not anymore.  My 3 cups of coffee have gone down to 1.  The clean energy I get is ba-na-nas.  Plus it literally is my “treat” of the day!

Vegan Chocolate is my absolute favorite flavor, but you can absolutely buy a Sample Pack and try all the flavors!

Please message me with any questions + my Top 10 Favorite Recipes + or recommendations for ordering: