First time doing an event like this!

What wouldyou do if youweren't afraid?

Honest question –> Do you ever think that fear is holding you back?

In 8th grade I ran for school president. I was so afraid that I would lose. And guess what happened…I lost! Ha! ? 
But I remember coming home that day from school, sitting on my bed by myself, and INSTEAD of thinking “Gah I am such a loser!” I distinctly remember thinking “Hey…I’m pretty proud of myself for being scared and doing it anyway!”

In 8 years, I will be the exact age that my mom was when she died {even typing that sentence is a bit sobering.} Yet the greatest gift she gave myself + my siblings is that life is too darn short and unpredictable. If we allow fear to hold us back from learning + exploring + STRIVING FOR MORE…than we are wasting time. 

And nothing could be more sad than that.

If you’ve read my blog or you visit me here on Facebook often, then you know that I’m sorta crazy passionate about what I do as a coach + my team! Was I scared when I took the first step to becoming a coach?? Heck yes!! But anything worth having is scary at first.
TODAY —> I am confident that I can share + teach YOU how to avoid the mistakes that I made and build something that fits YOUR goals + vision! ?

–> Have YOU ever seen my posts and thought “I wonder if I could do something like that?”  
–> OR maybe you are just at a point in your life where you want to be proactive and seek opportunity (versus playing the waiting game ?).


Then please join me for a special LIVE “What is Coaching?” Happy Hour event TOMORROW NIGHT here on Facebook!!

WHEN::: Tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb 17th) @ 6pm PACIFIC / 9pm EASTERN
WHAT::: a special 45 minute event where I’ll be sharing the ins/outs of what we do as coaches on this team + how we help people + how you can build something incredible for yourself and your family.
WHERE::: Private Facebook group

To RSVP:::  
Just comment below with “RSVP ME!” and I’ll reach out with details!!

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