How Would You Describe Your Relationship?

Food is most abused


When we talk about food, we MOSTLY think about yum.yum.yum.   We don’t think about all of the thoughts BEHIND the food choices we make.

If we completely neglect what is happening between our two ears, then all the sweat + effort from ANY WORKOUT is really just temporary. In order to make real, long-term healthy change, we need to have that little conversation with our self and ask “Hey self…how did we get HERE anyway?”  

Because we can’t change habits we refuse to acknowledge.

As many of you know, I was a school psychologist before leaving the profession to be a Beachbody Coach full-time. One area of expertise when I practiced in Oregon was in disordered eating. I was driven to explore this field because I grew up with a family member who was bulimic.

I remember when a few members of our family “discovered” her secret. They tried everything to stop her including locking the bathroom doors, making her stay in rooms for a certain length of time… I know that they had her best intention in mind, yet what I didn’t know then and do understand now, is that the actions of a bulimic is a symptom of something much greater. Something in her thought process…

Now I’m sure a few of you are thinking, “Um, Marion?! Not everyone is bulimic so where are you going with this?!”

So my point is that disordered eating actually applies to ANY unhealthy relationship patterns/habits with FOOD. Some of the MOST heartbreaking cases I had were young men and women who used food like a prescription in a way to fill a void. I’ll never forget this 16 year old girl who was morbidly obese + sitting in my office crying because she “will never be asked to a school dance” while she tightly clutches her 2nd Snickers bar of the day. It’s devastating…and yet our society fails to acknowledge that it’s our perspective of food from a mental health standpoint that get so many of us THERE.

Now I am NOT saying that we need to always eat clean, never treat ourselves, blahblahblah. I firmly believe in the 90-10 rule and practice mindfulness when eating (which basically just means paying attention to the flavors/textures/sweetness/tartness/etc. when eating which leads one to find an apple even more delicious than a processed piece of candy).

So this post is just a little nudge to encourage YOU to consider for a couple minutes today YOUR relationship with food+ how that relationship affects you + and where do you think some of your habits come from?

xo – Marion