First time doing an event like this!

What wouldyou do if youweren't afraid?

Honest question –> Do you ever think that fear is holding you back?

In 8th grade I ran for school president. I was so afraid that I would lose. And guess what happened…I lost! Ha! ? 
But I remember coming home that day from school, sitting on my bed by myself, and INSTEAD of thinking “Gah I am such a loser!” I distinctly remember thinking “Hey…I’m pretty proud of myself for being scared and doing it anyway!”

In 8 years, I will be the exact age that my mom was when she died {even typing that sentence is a bit sobering.} Yet the greatest gift she gave myself + my siblings is that life is too darn short and unpredictable. If we allow fear to hold us back from learning + exploring + STRIVING FOR MORE…than we are wasting time. 

And nothing could be more sad than that.

If you’ve read my blog or you visit me here on Facebook often, then you know that I’m sorta crazy passionate about what I do as a coach + my team! Was I scared when I took the first step to becoming a coach?? Heck yes!! But anything worth having is scary at first.
TODAY —> I am confident that I can share + teach YOU how to avoid the mistakes that I made and build something that fits YOUR goals + vision! ?

–> Have YOU ever seen my posts and thought “I wonder if I could do something like that?”  
–> OR maybe you are just at a point in your life where you want to be proactive and seek opportunity (versus playing the waiting game ?).


Then please join me for a special LIVE “What is Coaching?” Happy Hour event TOMORROW NIGHT here on Facebook!!

WHEN::: Tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb 17th) @ 6pm PACIFIC / 9pm EASTERN
WHAT::: a special 45 minute event where I’ll be sharing the ins/outs of what we do as coaches on this team + how we help people + how you can build something incredible for yourself and your family.
WHERE::: Private Facebook group

To RSVP:::  
Just comment below with “RSVP ME!” and I’ll reach out with details!!

Moments of the Week

Poo-sandwich Moment

The other night we were in downtown Las Vegas (not the touristy part but the ghetto “old town” part) and we parked in a parking lot + paid the ridiculous fee + went out to do our thing.

When we returned to the car, there was a nice little ticket on the dash.  My husband summoned his inner man cub and we set out to track down the ticket giver.   #manproblems

Well, we find her.  And she looks at our ticket.  And then tells him that the ticket isn’t for not paying for parking…it’s for expired registration.  From January.

My husband thanks her kindly and then slowly turns his gaze from her…to me.  If I could sink any lower in my seat I would be on the floor.



So today I mailed this little $75 ticket.  Bahhhhhh!!

PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one who never looks at their license plate registration tags?!!

PS – apparently the DMV still has our hotel address so that is where the renewal went.  So that means it’s not my fault.  Right?  Right?  LOL!  😉

First Haircut Moment


Cooper had his first haircut this week!!!  I know, I know…he’s almost 2 1/2 years old and he just now getting his first haircut?  But guys…his little body has been soooo busy growing him to the 96th height %ile that hair has had to take a backseat 😉

But as you can see…he is not a fan of the haircut.


But then he got a lollipop and watched himself play golf on daddy’s iPhone.  So all is good in the world. 😉


Post haircut = such a big boy

I Amuse Myself Moment

What do you do when you husband’s friend comes to Las Vegas to visit + spends a few days at your house + leave behind their manties??



You dress up your dog + take photos + text them out.  😉

When you spend all day with a toddler, you gotta amuse yourself!  Am I right?!

xo – Marion

How Would You Describe Your Relationship?

Food is most abused


When we talk about food, we MOSTLY think about yum.yum.yum.   We don’t think about all of the thoughts BEHIND the food choices we make.

If we completely neglect what is happening between our two ears, then all the sweat + effort from ANY WORKOUT is really just temporary. In order to make real, long-term healthy change, we need to have that little conversation with our self and ask “Hey self…how did we get HERE anyway?”  

Because we can’t change habits we refuse to acknowledge.

As many of you know, I was a school psychologist before leaving the profession to be a Beachbody Coach full-time. One area of expertise when I practiced in Oregon was in disordered eating. I was driven to explore this field because I grew up with a family member who was bulimic.

I remember when a few members of our family “discovered” her secret. They tried everything to stop her including locking the bathroom doors, making her stay in rooms for a certain length of time… I know that they had her best intention in mind, yet what I didn’t know then and do understand now, is that the actions of a bulimic is a symptom of something much greater. Something in her thought process…

Now I’m sure a few of you are thinking, “Um, Marion?! Not everyone is bulimic so where are you going with this?!”

So my point is that disordered eating actually applies to ANY unhealthy relationship patterns/habits with FOOD. Some of the MOST heartbreaking cases I had were young men and women who used food like a prescription in a way to fill a void. I’ll never forget this 16 year old girl who was morbidly obese + sitting in my office crying because she “will never be asked to a school dance” while she tightly clutches her 2nd Snickers bar of the day. It’s devastating…and yet our society fails to acknowledge that it’s our perspective of food from a mental health standpoint that get so many of us THERE.

Now I am NOT saying that we need to always eat clean, never treat ourselves, blahblahblah. I firmly believe in the 90-10 rule and practice mindfulness when eating (which basically just means paying attention to the flavors/textures/sweetness/tartness/etc. when eating which leads one to find an apple even more delicious than a processed piece of candy).

So this post is just a little nudge to encourage YOU to consider for a couple minutes today YOUR relationship with food+ how that relationship affects you + and where do you think some of your habits come from?

xo – Marion