Moments of the Week

Moments of the Week

First off…let’s start with some “real life shiz” shall we?!

“Real Life” Moment


“Gosh…Marion must have everything pulled together in her life.”

“Oh wait…is that her bedroom??  Nevermind…”  LOL!!!

So yeah…this is my room today:

– Laundry everywhere (some of it is clean and I never finished folding it…so then it got mixed up with the dirty laundry…so then it’s all considered dirty now and needs to be washed.  Blahhhhh!!!  Palm to forehead…!!)

– Even Penny is on the bed looking at me thinking “Mom…this is pathetic.  Can’t you even make the freakin’ bed?!”

To which I reply…“Penny, you aren’t even supposed to be on the bed!” 😉

“Can Mommy Get Just ONE Good Photo?!” Moments

eyes shut2

Cooper has developed this incredibly hilarious habit of closing his eyes when he knows we are taking a photo!  It was cute at first…but now it’s just dominating EVERY photo!!!  LOL!

eyes shut


Playing around at home (and yes…mommy allows bikes in the house.  This ain’t no mansion as clearly demonstrated ABOVE in our bedroom! LOL!)

eyes shut3


Hanging out on the town with Daddy…

eyes shut4

and drinking his morning Shakeology…

I can only imagine what his kindergarten pictures will look like! haha!

“2 Years + 4 Months at the Driving Range Moment”

And on that note…I’ll stop with Cooper overload posts. 😉

“Message of the Week” Moment

work in the AM

“Dear Marion,
As I looked in the mirror this morning after completing my 3rd and final round of the 21-Day Fix, I just HAD to write you.
I have tears right now and I don’t think I can properly put into words why that is. My daughter is now 9 months old and I KEPT coming up with excuses as to why I didn’t need to reach out to you to lose the baby weight:
– I know what foods to eat…I just have to do it!
– I have a gym membership…I just need to go!
But finally one day I saw a post from you and it just SPOKE to me and before I knew it I was sending you a message. And I AM SO GRATEFUL I DID THAT DAY!!
This group and your support has been everything I needed.
And beyond reaching my goal, I now have new friends!! The thought never crossed my mind that OTHER WOMEN would play such a pivotal role in my losing the baby weight for good! I never felt alone in this journey.
So thank you. I can’t wait to choose my next program because I intend to keep this momentum going. I lost the weight and now it’s time to become the “MILF” my husband thinks I am! Ha!
Much love,

Marie sent me this message earlier this week and she gave me permission to share. Why? To show you that if you truly wants to make change happen, perhaps the only thing holding you back is taking that first step?!!

Hope you ALL have an AMAZING weekend!!

xo – Marion


Moments of the Week





“Ummmm, Really??!  It goes right there?” Moment

QUICK!  What do you notice 1st about this photo?

A)  My toddler son attempting to ride Palmer.

B) A giant bike in our living room.


So if you answered (A), then you must know little boys want to ride anything that moves.  Come to think of it…that never stops.  Oh!!  And that was NOT meant to be a dirty joke.  I was thinking about horses.  And motorcycles.  And ugh…stationary bikes.

If you answered (B), then you must have been APPALED that we have a stationary bike in our living room.  And ladies…I applaud that reaction!  LOL!!

My husband ordered this bike as the man needs to rehab his knee (old men have bad knees ladies!)  But then when the thing arrived, he sets it up {wait for it….wait for it….} in our living room!! 

I must really love this man as I have not yet said a thing.  #bitethattongue  😉

Best Gift Ever Moment

favorite cup



See this mug and saucer?

Well, it’s kinda special.

paint hands


For Mother’s Day, my two men decided to go paint me a gift :)

hat painting

My little artist focused mostly on the saucer…



But they worked together to paint something for me that they know I would use every day —> a coffee cup :)

fav cup


Best gift ever.

Almost makes me forget about the bike in our living room.

#kiddingnotkidding 😉

Reflection Moment

This past Mother’s Day Weekend was different.  I found that I wanted to unplug completely from social media.  Many of you know that my own mom died when I was 15 and even to this day I reference her in different ways. I think these last several days have been more difficult on me than I fully realize (and as I typed that sentence these words became more true to me).

We ALL have our stories.  We ALL have great losses in our lives.  Even if people look at YOU as the most positive person in the room, you have AT LEAST ONE story that could make most of us cry.  In fact, as a school psychologist for so many years I can say with great authority that it was often the most popular + seemingly happiest child in the classroom who had the saddest stories.

They just found a better way to hide it.

But we all can’t hide forever.  Which is why I am so incredibly grateful to you.  This little corner of the blogosphere has provided me with a way to connect with likeminded women.  I can’t tell you what a gift that is…

I don’t take it for granted. <3

I wish you all an incredible weekend!!

xo – Marion