Moments of the Week





“Insert Foot in Mouth” Moments

These past week in Cancun, I had the honor to meet 3 of Beachbody’s TOP trainers.  I was nervous.  Giddy.  Did I mention nervous?  😉

So these trainers meet THOUSANDS of people each year and so my only hope is that they don’t remember me.  Or at least what I said…

Trainer Shaun T 2015


Trainer 1: Shaun T (Insanity, T25, etc.)

As I walk toward him, I am giddy.  We make eye contact.  Well, he looked at my eyes but I was probably staring at his arms (let’s be honest…it’s the female/male equivalent of the cleavage stare LOL!)

Ok ok…but seriously. The following is the dribble that spewed from my mouth:

Me: “Oh hi!!  You’re Shaun T!” immediately I regret opening my mouth.  

Shaun T:  “Yes.  That’s me.”

Me: “You must be tired from smiling so much for these photos.”

Shaun T: “Not gonna lie, my cheeks hurt.”

Me: “Maybe your next workout video can be a series of cheek exercises!”  Oh Dear LORD!  Did I just say that out loud?!!!

Shaun T:  “Yeahhhhhhh”

{{Camera Takes The Photo}}

Trainer photo Autumn 2015

Trainer 2: Autumn Calabrese (21-Day Fix, 21-Day Fix Extreme)

As I walked toward her I realized “Aww man…I don’t know what the golly to say!!”

And here we go:

Me: “You’re tall in those shoes!” immediately regretting opening my mouth

Autumn:  “Yeah…”

Me: “My husband would be so jealous right now…”

Autumn:  laughs awkardly

Trainer Photo - Tony Horton 2015

Trainer 3: Tony Horton (P90x, P90x2, P90x3, etc.)

As I walk toward Tony Horton, the skies part and the angels sing.  Well, not really.  But in my head they did.  It was awesome.

Me: as I walk toward him I open my arms for a hug and say, “I have been waiting so long for this day.”

My Secret Boyfriend:  “Haha” awkwardly…

Me:  “It’s just that I kinda think you are the best.  You’re my favorite.”

My Secret Boyfriend:  “I love hearing that.”

Me: “No but really…hug me again.”

Aaaaaaaanndddd  then we hugged.  And THIS GIRL held on to that hug for what was an awkwardly long time.  😉

“What Did You Call Me?!?!” Moment

Cooper at Rachels


See my little 2-year old baby right there?  Well, when he dropped things or something bad happened, he would look at me and say quite clearly “Uh, oh!”

But we come back from Cancun and he is NOW when he drops anything it sounds like he is saying, “A**hole!”

And he doesn’t just say it once.  He’ll drop something and follow me around saying, “A**hole!  A**hole!  A**hole!”

I just figure he’s trying to keep mommy’s ego in check.  😉

The “Mess on my Face” Moment

penny kiss


Guys…I have a zit.

Ugh.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so freakin’ big.  So big that the following has happened just today:

Instance 1:  The grocery store clerk tells me, “Oh dear.  You have something right…” she motions toward her lower chin.

Thanks lady.  I got it.

Instance 2: My own precious son likes to cuddle with me and then look up at me and point to my zit and say, “Mess!”

Thanks son. 😉


Thanks so much for reading!!

xo – Marion