About Me

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My story isn’t special.  I’m not unique in any way really when it comes to my relationship with my body.  I’m just a girl who has spent the last 20 years trying to figure out how to love my body.

I’ve been an athlete my entire life.  I played everything.  If it involved a ball, I wanted in (that’s what she said! hehe).  But seriously…I was active my entire life yet I had NO IDEA how to feed my body properly and how to create lean muscle.  So I did I what so many women do…I wouldn’t eat.  And then I would feel guilty for eating.  And then I wouldn’t eat again.  And the cycle would continue…

Fast forward to my work as a school psychologist.  I was naturally drawn to specializing in disordered eating and early on in my career I created support groups for high school girls who self-identified as having issues with food.  To this day, I remember sitting in those groups and allowing myself to absorb the pain in their stories.  I couldn’t stop thinking, “How the heck did our society get to this point?!  How could we possibly make a 14-year old girl feel “ugly” and “fat” at 5’3” and 86lbs?!  Something HAS to change.”

Fast forward to 2013 when my son Cooper came into the world!  Every morning I would drop Cooper off at a daycare and work all day at a job that was now comprised of 99% report writing at a computer all day with ZERO interaction with children or adults (in other words…people).  I was miserable.  And my body took the toll.

Yes I had joined a gym…but I could NOT bring myself to drop Cooper off at ANOTHER daycare while mommy worked out after he just spent all day in a daycare.  I just couldn’t.  I felt like I HAD to choose…and I’m always going to choose him over me.  So maybe this was just how it had to be?

Then one day I was talking with my brother and he was told me how much he loved P90X because he could workout at home after his long day of doing impressive smart-person-attorney-shiz.  He had lost a ton of weight and was feeling more energized.  I immediately thought “What the heck?! I only live once so let’s try it!”  Well, it arrived a few days later and I haven’t turned back since…

I actually get emotional typing this because P90X3 changed my life.  I know that sounds dramatic…but it’s true.  It helped me get the body back that I wanted post-baby.  It also lead me to fall quickly in love with Beachbody as a company.  And now…just a few short months later I am sitting here on a Tuesday afternoon writing this while Cooper takes his nap earning more income and helping more people with their personal life goals than I would if I had kept my old job and never taken that leap of faith.

So I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  But I realize that we only have one life on this beautiful planet and it’s up to us to choose what type of body we are going to own during this life.

If YOU are wondering if it’s possible for you to do the same, my answer is “Heck-to-the-yes!”  But you have to take that first step yourself…no one else can do that for you.  I’m here for you when you are ready!

xo – Marion